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Metric Monitor - Performance Metrics for Investment Research - FAQ


  1. What type of research can Metric Monitor track?

    Metric Monitor can apply its service to a variety of investment research types from numerous different types of research publishers. For further information see the Services or Research Publishers section of our website.

  2. Who pays Metric Monitor for the research performance metrics it produces?

    Individual research publishers pay Metric Monitor a fee for providing 3rd party performance validation of their investment research.

  3. What do Metric Monitor performance metrics look like?

    See the "Samples" on the Services section of our website for more information.

  4. Does Metric Monitor require the permission of the investment research publisher to apply the service?

    Yes, Metric Monitor has a policy of requiring permission of the research publisher before it can apply its service.

  5. Does Metric Monitor have a physical address I can visit?

    Metric Monitor operates electronic or virtual operations only, with representatives across key geographies. This is done to ensure that our service costs remain the most competitive in the industry.

  6. Why should I trust Metric Monitor research performance metrics?

    Metric Monitor is dedicated to the provision of truly independent 3rd party performance metrics. We operate a number of security and process measures to ensure the absolute integrity of our service at all times.

Metric Monitor Code

  1. What is an "Metric Monitor Code", where can I find this information?

    An "Metric Monitor Code" is a unique indentifier used to individually identify an investment research item that has been validated by Metric Monitor. These codes are not disclosed by Metric Monitor, but instead are communicated by the research publisher directly.

Intellectual Property

  1. Who owns the intellectual property associated with the Metric Monitor service?

    Metric MonitorĀ® is a registered trade mark. All other trade marks are the property of their respective owners.


  1. What does it cost to use the Metric Monitor service?

    Research users pay nothing to enjoy the benefits of Metric Monitor research performance metrics. The cost of our service is covered by the research publisher.

  2. What payment options are available to research publishers?

    Metric Monitor offers a variety of payment options which can be customized to the individual research publisher's requirements. This includes one off projects, regular periodic or no risk pricing options (where you only pay for what you use). For further information see the Services and Pricing section of our website.

  3. What are the bank account details for Metric Monitor invoice payments?

    This information is provided on all invoice communication. For further information refer to your Metric Monitor invoice.

Research Publishers

  1. Who actually owns the research performance metrics produced by Metric Monitor?

    So long as there are not any monies outstanding on a research publisher's account with Metric Monitor, then that party has complete ownership of their research performance metrics, via a perpetual and unrestricted licence.

  2. I am a research publisher, how do I get Metric Monitor to track my research?

    Simply contact Metric Monitor and we can provide you with a solution to meet your requirements.

  3. I am a research publisher, how do I cancel my Metric Monitor service?

    Metric Monitor provides research publishers with a variety of pricing options. The majority of these pricing options require no contract or other fixed term commitment.Ā  Therefore nearly all Metric Monitor services can be discontinued at any time without notice or penalty.

  4. As a research publisher can I share my Metric Monitor performance metrics with other parties?

    Yes, so long as a research publisher has no outstanding monies on their Metric Monitor agreement, then they are free to share their performance metrics with whoever they like.

  5. Does Metric Monitor refuse to certify certain research publishers?

    Metric Monitor will only ever refuse to certify a research publisher if they have previously violated a service agreement with Metric Monitor or if Metric Monitor feels their certification methodology is being compromised by the research publisher.

  6. In what format will research publishers receive their performance metrics?

    Metric Monitor supplies its performance metrics in PDF or Microsoft excel format. The colour or style of the presentation of this material can also be customized to the research publisher's individual requirements.

  7. How do research publishers send their research to Metric Monitor for tracking?

    Research publishers use the dedicated email address research@Metric Monitor.com for sending all research communication for tracking. No complex process is required to engage with Metric Monitor, research publishers need only add this email address to their regular research distribution lists.

Research Users

  1. How do I know if the Metric Monitor certification reference provided by a research publisher is valid?

    Whenever a research publisher provides an Metric Monitor certification reference they should also provide an "Metric Monitor Code" with this information. Any person with this information can then use the Metric Monitor website to verify both the research publisher and their investment research item, using the "Verify Research Publisher" function on our homepage.

  2. Do research users have to pay Metric Monitor to view research performance metrics?

    Individual research performance metrics are not disclosed by Metric Monitor. Only the original research publisher can disclose their performance metrics to 3rd parties. Therefore research users do not have to pay to view Metric Monitor performance metrics, it is up to the research publisher to disclose this information.

  3. Why can't I see individual Metric Monitor performance metrics on the Metric Monitor website?

    Metric Monitor will never disclose the individual performance metrics of a research publisher via its website. The disclosure of individual performance metric content is 100% controlled by the research publisher.

  4. How do I get Metric Monitor to provide their services to a research publisher I use?

    If you would like to see Metric Monitor certify a particular research publisher, then you can contact that research publisher directly and make them aware of our service. Or alternatively use the "Nominate for Research Publisher" function on our homepage and we will contact them for you.

  5. If I nominate for a research publishers will they know it is me?

    No, if you nominate for an individual research publisher to be certified by Metric Monitor, your personal details will never be disclosed to this or any other 3rd party.

  6. How do I know if a research publisher uses the Metric Monitor service?

    Metric Monitor will never disclose the individual name of any research publisher that participates in the Metric Monitor service. The disclosure of this information is 100% at the discretion of the individual research publisher. You should therefore contact the research publisher to confirm their participation in the service.


  1. How does Metric Monitor protect my information?

    The technology that powers the Metric Monitor service comprises numerous data protection measures. Including industry leading encryption and malicious prevention systems.

Nominate Research Publisher

Want to see Metric Monitor certify a particular research publisher? Submit their details below and we will endeavour to add them to our service (email required for verification).



Verify Research Publisher

To confirm that a research publisher has been verified by Metric Monitor, enter their details below (Metric Monitor codes are obtained from the research publisher directly).