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Metric Monitor - Performance Metrics for Investment Research - Pricing
  1. Standard Pricing

    Standard pricing is based on a simple fee for service model. This is where research publishers are charged an agreed fee for services provided by Metric Monitor. Standard pricing structures can be based on an hourly rate or fixed price contract. In addition our standard pricing options may be applied on a one off or regular periodic basis.

  2. No-Risk Pricing

    No-risk pricing allows approved research publishers to engage with Metric Monitor without taking any financial risk. In this instance Metric Monitor will provide it's service for a limited time, however the research publisher is only liable for payment should they disclose their Metric Monitor performance metrics to 3rd parties. In the event that the research publisher does disclose their Metric Monitor performance metrics, then they will be charged an agreed fee by Metric Monitor. This pricing option allows for the provision of the Metric Monitor service on a no-risk basis.

Metric Monitor pricing can also be applied in a variety of international currencies including AUD, CAD, EUR, GBP, HKD, JPY and USD. For further information on Metric Monitor pricing options contact service@metricmonitor.com.

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