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Metric Monitor - Performance Metrics for Investment Research - Research Publishers

Metric Monitor determines research publishers to be any individual or company that produces published investment research which supports investing and trading decisions. Published content may include the opinions on the purchase or sale of specific securities across various asset classes, security price targets, company financial estimates and economic data forecasts.

Investment research publishers who use the services of Metric Monitor include the following:

  • Asset managers
  • Financial planners
  • Financial press
  • Independent research providers
  • Investment advisors
  • Investment banks
  • Investment website and newsletter services
  • Private banks
  • Private investors
  • Providers of investment and trading systems
  • Wealth managers

Research publishers can use the Metric Monitor service for two core functions. Firstly, Metric Monitor can provide research providers with performance metrics for internal use only in order to enhance their core research process. Secondly, research publishers can communicate their Metric Monitor performance metrics with external parties. Research publishers provide this information to external parties to help support and promote their services. This is achieved by giving research users a sign of assurance, promoting trust in the research product, increasing exposure of the research publisher's services and enhancing dialogue with clients and other 3rd parties. In addition Metric Monitor can provide assistance with meeting regulatory disclosure requirements.

While the Metric Monitor service can improve the investment research relationship, the research publisher maintains control of this relationship at all times. Metric Monitor will never distribute individual research content or Metric Monitor certification information to external parties, this function is always controlled by the research publisher.

Metric Monitor services can be applied on a one off or regular periodic basis as required. We can provide research publishers with a variety of cost effective solutions including no risk pricing options. For information on rates of service or to learn more about how Metric Monitor can help you or your company's investment research activities contact info@metricmonitor.com.

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