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Metric Monitor - Performance Metrics for Investment Research - Sample Reports

These sample reports provide an example of the verification services provided by Metric Monitor. They are provided for illustration purposes and actual reports may be tailored to research publishers individual requirements.

  1. Single Security - Research performance metrics for individual securities. Click here for report.

  2. Portfolio - Research performance metrics for portfolios. Click here for report.

  3. Financial Metric - Research performance metrics for financial or economic data. Click here for report.

  4. Methodology Audit - Assurance for the production of research metrics. Click here for report.

  5. Backtest - Research performance metrics for backtested historical data. Click here for report.

Nominate Research Publisher

Want to see Metric Monitor certify a particular research publisher? Submit their details below and we will endeavour to add them to our service (email required for verification).



Verify Research Publisher

To confirm that a research publisher has been verified by Metric Monitor, enter their details below (Metric Monitor codes are obtained from the research publisher directly).