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Metric Monitor - Performance Metrics for Investment Research - Services

Outlined below is a summary of each core service Metric Monitor provides. In addition to these core services, Metric Monitor can provide custom solutions for research publishers based on their requirements. Our service can be applied to any security, asset class or financial metric, where independent 3rd party data exists.

  1. Single Security

    Metric Monitor will verify the performance of an individual investment recommendation based on the actual performance of the relevant security. Metrics are based on security price target and recommendation type (buy, hold or sell). (Sample Report)

  2. Portfolio

    Metric Monitor will verify the performance of a portfolio of investment recommendations (two or more securities), based on the actual performance of the relevant portfolio. Portfolio metrics can also incorporate advanced performance analytics including portfolio turnover, hit rate, win loss ratio, drawdown, volatility and holding period information. (Sample Report)

  3. Financial Metric

    Research performance metrics for financial or economic data. Metric Monitor will verify the performance of financial or economic data forecasts based on the performance of these estimates versus actual releases. Performance metrics can be produced for economic data, company financial information or general industry statistics. (Sample Report)

  4. Methodology Audit

    Metric Monitor can provide research publishers with assurance for their internal production of research performance metrics. A Methodology Audit includes a detailed review of the research publisher's internal process related to the calculation and publication of research performance metrics. Based on the results of the review, Metric Monitor will provide the research publisher with an opinion statement. Rather than focus on the performance of a specific research product this opinion statement covers the general methodology of the research publisher. (Sample Report)

  5. Backtest

    Metric Monitor will verify the performance of an investment program (predictive model), using existing historical data. The methodology associated with this service assumes the research publisher has had the benefit of hindsight in making investment and trading decisions. (Sample Report)

Metric Monitor offers various flexible pricing structures, including no risk pricing options, to meet a variety of research publisher needs. For further information contact info@metricmonitor.com.

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